Update on the deadline for AWS Specialty Beta exams

April 3, 2017 by Paulina BudzoƄ

If you’re still waiting for the results of the AWS Specialty Beta exams (Security, Big Data or Networking), you are not alone. The results and final versions of the exams were supposed to be released at the end of March. But March came and went, and we only got one small update from AWS.

A lot of people are asking for the results, and finally someone from AWS responded. Andrew Somera from the Certification Team at AWS posted this update on Linkedin a few days ago:

We are still in progress of validating beta exam scoring. While we do not have a definitive date when results will be available, we aim to notify participants of results by the end of May. The quality of our exams is extremely important to us, and we are taking this time to ensure that the exams meet and maintain the high-bar of the AWS Certification program. We appreciate your beta efforts and your continued patience.

The key piece of information: end of May. Looks like we have another 2 months of waiting ahead of us!

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