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Creating Elasticsearch Domain did not stabilize - can't create AWS Elasticsearch 5.1 with CloudFormation

February 17, 2017 by Paulina Budzoń

Recently AWS announced support for Elasticsearch 5.1 in their Elasticsearch Service. Today, I tried to upgrade an existing CloudFormation stack, previously using Elasticsearch 2.3, to the new version and, after a very long wait, CloudFormation rolled back the stack with the following error: “Creating Elasticsearch Domain did not stabilize”. Here’s what I did to solve it.

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Sandboxing the hypervisor

February 15, 2017 by Paweł Biernacki

I’m pleased to announce that bhyve, the FreeBSD’s hypervisor, is now sandboxed using Capsicum framework.

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How to tag Redshift clusters (and others) in one place in AWS Console

February 3, 2017 by Paulina Budzoń

Management page of Redshift in AWS Console does not currently allow you to add or modify tags on your clusters. That doesn’t mean that Redshift resources cannot be tagged - almost everything from clusters to parameters groups can be tagged through the Tag Editor.

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Magic of dictionaries in Python

January 30, 2017 by Paweł Biernacki

Python supports well known data types, like lists and dictionaries that are easy to use. But can you cheat interpreter to use easier semantics to access dict data?

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Bypassing CloudTrail and CloudWatch monitoring of AWS API

January 23, 2017 by Paulina Budzoń

Since AWS released CloudWatch Logs and allowed for automated streaming of CloudTrail events into CloudWatch, monitoring API usage with CloudWatch metrics and alerts has become increasingly popular. It’s incredibly easy to set up and add custom alerts on almost any API event. But is it actually going to notify you when an unauthorized person gains access?

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