Your AWS & DevOps consultants

Mysterious Code Ltd is an AWS Select Consulting Partner providing a wide-range of services to small and medium companies.


Migration to AWS

Migrating your existing application into the Cloud can be a daunting task. We'd love to help - whether you have a small website or a large, custom-build piece of software.

Cloud-native applications

We would love to take the hassle of infrastructure provisioning and management off your hands – architectural reviews and best-practice implementations are always at the base of what we do.

DevOps services

Automation that saves time, money and resources. Companies implementing DevOps improve communication, collaboration and deliver faster than their competitors.


Cloud experts

Only certified engineers, who can ensure your infrastructure is safe and stays safe. We believe you deserve the best.


24/7 support

Help you need, when you need it, without high costs and rigid agreements. Support adjusted specifically to your company.



Our mission is to provide services so great, we become invisible. Everything we do is supposed to "just work".


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